Clog question

Hi all,

I would love to knit some of those clogs. Would anyone be able to tell me the following?

  1. I’ve read that some of you use WOTA and Cascade (I think?) to make your clogs. What I want to know is what size and type of needles would I need.

  2. Am I understanding right that if am a size 7 I should knit clogs in a size 6?

  3. Would the pattern also give instructions on how to felt? I’ve never felted and don’t have a clue how to start!

Thanks again for your help!

Lisa (who thought she had more questions to ask about these clog thingees! :thinking: )

Have you checked out the clog thread??

I know, I know, it’s really long, but many basic questions are answered at the beginning. :smiley:

The adult clogs are knit on 24" US13 needles. Personally, I’d rather make the clogs bigger than my shoe size, 'cause I’d hate to felt them to the right size but still have stitches showing. (I’d rather have to felt them longer to ge tthem to the right size and lose all of the stitch definition.) And yes, the pattern does have instructions for felting. Between all of us we’ve made 34059853 pairs of clogs, so if you need further help, of course you can always ask! :thumbsup:

I made some in Cascade 220 and followed the pattern instructions as they are, and they turned out absolutely fine!

Thank you! My eyes are crossing at all those posts! Are there any other materials I will need before I start? I saw mention of three needle binding off… so I will need at least 4 dpns (in what size?). Anything else I will need for them?


You don’t need any dpns at all. The one size 13 needle and an spare circ of just about any size is all you need in the needle department. I made a pair that was my shoe size and felt they were too big. I made the smaller size and liked them better.

Thanks Ingrid! (Am I driving you guys crazy with all my questions yet? LOL! :lol: )

I’m asking all these questions so that I can order a pile or yarn and patterns from overseas that will keep me busy for awhile so that I can have supplies on hand for a project at any point in time.