Clog Pattern Questions.... I must be dense!

I looked for the last thread I saw on Fiber Trends clogs and couldn’t find it. I just need a little help with understanding the directions for Row 33.

I am making the clogs for a women’s medium, and haven’t had any problems understanding anything UNTIL I got to Row 33. At that point, it says to sl 1, k33 (31, 33… etc., etc.). Line 34 gives a stitch count, then says to turn. Then, after directions for Line 35 (men’s), it says NOT to turn after working Row 33 (35, 35/35, 35). Huh? Do I turn or not? Why does the first mention of Row 33 give different knitting counts than the second mention?

I hope I explained myself ok. I’m just feeling a little flustered with Row 33. Brain density, I think… :shrug:

There is a clog thread in the Knit-Alongs forum, is that the one you are looking for?

I haven’t made the clogs yet, but many here have so they can help you.

The confusion stems from them compressing the instructions for all 5 sizes. For the women’s small, you skip rows 34 and 35, thus the final directions references “after working row 33”. But for all other sizes, you will be turning and working rows 34 and 35 before progressing to the “do not turn” instructions. They then give the row count for each size like they have been given stitch counts previously.

To sum up, for a women’s medium, you will work row 33 as written (slip 1, knit 31 etc), turn, work row 34, turn, work row 35, do not turn and proceed with the “K3, k2tog, knit to end of round” row.

Hope that helps clarify! Good luck.

Thank you so much! It’s good for this gal to know that senility hasn’t overtaken me yet! :happydance:

I’ve been doing my first pair with handspun from my own critters. I figure this is the ONLY way I would ever get to walk on them! (Usually, it’s the other way around.)