Clog Pattern Help

OK, I’ve gotten my Fiber Trends Clog Pattern in and there is a technique in it I’m not sure how to do:

W & T (Wrap & Turn) I really can’t get this. Work to turning point, slip next stitch (purlwise) onto right needle, bring yarn forward between needles, return slipped st to left needle, turn to work in other direction.

It seems easy until I try to do it and I get all confused like I have 10 thumbs. Is there a video or anything out there in knitting land to show me how this is done?? I’m just not getting it. When is says work to turning point, does that mean I knit until the end of the row until I get to the last stitch and do this?? or just do this when it says W&T and then I turn the work without finishing the row and start going the other way until it says to W&T again??

I’m so confused. HELP!!! I’m still sort of a newbie…I thought I was doing so well…almost considered myself an advanced beginner, but this has got me all messed up. I guess it didn’t help that I was starting to try the pattern at midnight last night. Anyway, could someone explain this to me, Please.

In order to shape the sole to look like a foot, you have to do short row shaping, so you’ll be knitting the center of the row back and forth more times than the ends of the row.

Knit until it says W & T, slip the next stitch, put the yarn to the front, replace the stitch and turn your work. Your yarn is now at the back for you to knit back the other way. You don’t knit those end stitches on every row.

I have made these clogs and you just have to do what Ingrid just suggested…one step at a time, exactly as the directions say. It will work. Once you slip the stitch back everything will stay right where it belongs so you can safely turn your work. Breathe…


Amy’s short row video does show wrapping and turning, but she actually turns then wraps, lol. Now, no snazzy production or soothing voice here, but if you still need a visual:

(It’s a Windows Media file.) :smiley:

Thank you guys so much. It’s easy now that I understand the concept. Thanks for the video also. :smiley: