Clog pattern help, please

The whole Christmas prezzie thread has me thinking. Clogs would be good for my mother since they are slip on (no tying since her stroke) but I am worried they might be too slippery on the sole and she is prone to falls. Is there something I can do to make them not so slippy? Also does anyone know of a pattern with a heel strap?

I don’t know about a pattern w/ a heel strap, but fiber trends also sells the sew on no skid pads for the clogs, or you can do the bottom w/ a leather/suede so it’s not so slippy? :??

There are sew-on suede bottoms that are made for knitted slipper-socks but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work on clogs.
You could probably also glue them on. Resources like KnitPicks and Patternworks have them.

People have also mentioned about using dots of puff paint on the bottoms of slippers and clogs to add traction.

Back straps sound like a good idea if you mother has balance and mobility problems. I haven’t seen a clog pattern that includes them, but you could just knit strips the right size and sew them on. Elastic at the sides of each strap would make the shoes easier to get on. fAwaghemt

Thanks for the help. The sole things look like they will do great. I also like the idea of the elastic for the heel strap