Clog pattern for adult

I’d like to have a copy of this pattern if anyone has one to part with. Can’t believe there isn’t a free one on the web to download. I haven’t found one.

Email me at

It is only like $5. Why not just buy it like everyone else?? :shrug:

Amortize that price over the number of clogs that you will make - and it comes out to pennies per pair!

People place other patterns and books up for sale when finished with them so I thought perhaps someone here might have one to part with.

I eventually will buy one, but it surprised me that you can find free patterns for almost everything on the web except clogs. Apparently, they are fairly new to the knitting world.

educational information should always be free…too bad there are so many greedy people out there who are secretely trading for free with their friends behind the scenes…you know who you are! Bless your hearts! :heart: :notworthy: