Clog help please

Ok I am assuming that eventually I will get a been there done that way of looking at patterns but for now every new pattern has a new challenge for me.
I am using the fiber trends pattern and have gotten to the toe and instep shaping and I am not sure I get it.
Row one takes me to the toe and says turn so I am going back the other way right? then the subsequent rows say slip one do a few stitches and then turn so am I only working in a small area? I thought these would be easy and maybe they are and I am really overthinking it.

You are right…these are short rows on Row #2 of the upper. As it forms, you’ll be able to visualize it much better…it’s forming the toe. As you continue, the pattern will click for you and you won’t have to count so much. Keep following the pattern, you’ll do fine!!!

I made my first felted clog and I just felted them. But It was not easy. I am a new knitter and my instructor said " You can do this" well I finally did , but not until I frogged them both several times. I still managed to get one a smig smalller then the other . I have some pictures of my clogs posted over in my blog thread on here. Your welcome to look at them.

The best thing I can tell you is want my instructor told me.


Never be affraid to rip it out and start again.It’s only yarn.

My first set was confusing as heck!! But they turned out. After that I knew what I was doing, and they flew by!

New patterns can make you say, “WHAT?!?”, then you start to get it, then by the end you’re like, “Man, how did I know get it?!?”

Trust the pattern, ask for help, and jump for joy when you are done.

Thanks guys! I ran to the lys right after I posted to meet Julie and she explained it too. It was of those things where you just do it an eventually you are like oh I see. I have now gotten the cuff on the first one. My oldest ask me if I was making booties for Shaq. I told him they were going to be felted and the smart mouth child said oh you are making them for S (my 7 yr old) I tend to over felt but geez they are for my Dad!

I am a new knitter as well, and can I pass along something my teacher has told me. When working on a pattern, sometimes it is better not to read ahead, just work the pattern as you go. When you read ahead it can confuse you and you will panic.

So I have been doing that, just knitting as I go, and not reading ahead.

I have a class for clogs this Saturday. Can’t wait.


How long does it take to knit up? I’ve got the goods…but am a bit hesitant to start…I can knit at work inbetween calls…some days more than others…for speed…I can do a dish cloth in 45 mins…

I am not the fastest knitter but I can say that these knit up as quickly as a dishcloth for me. I have not completely finished the first one butI think it is one of the fastest knits for me.

WOW…Ok…can ya refresh? what size needles? and they are circulars right? This will be fun for them to pick on me at work…lol…

They are size 13’s It says you will need 24 inch and sixteen but I used a 24 all the way with ease on the largest size and with as much play as I had on the needles I imagine the smaller sizes would be fine on them as well. YOu will also need a second needle of a smaller size when doing the cuff bind off. Considering the number of items on my Christmas list I am thrilled that these knit up so easily. They turn out gianormous when they are done since you are felting them so they should inspire a lot of laughs.

I was doing these short rows sort of mindlessly and then i looked down and there was the TOE! It’ll happen before you know it. You’re doing it right don’t worry!!

Yeah it makes so much more sense in hindsight. I am casting on for the outer sole of the first one now. Hope it goes on well.