I am not getting any, when i knit there is no clickage, just silence and me counting. Is this because i am using wooden needles? Am i too slow to get clicks?

Just wondering. Also, i am addicted to finishing my ‘cable stitch’ experiment and after one false start it is looking OK. But my hands are feeling sore is this normal or am gripping too tightly?

Thanks Ya’ll! this is a great forum.

Wooden needles won’t click, so you’re not doing anything wrong.

Sore hands are usually just from knitting a lot at once, and from using muscles that you haven’t used much before. As they get used to working, the soreness should decrease. Stop and stretch frequently just to keep the blood flowing.

I’ve had moments with no “clickage” and I prefer to use metal needles, so I do not think it is the needle type (possibly the fiber or speed of your knitting).

If your hands are feeling sore it could be because you are gripping your needles to tightly or because you have been knitting for a long time without taking a break. I try to take a break every 30 to 45 minutes to give my hands and wrist a break. Try stretching and flexing your fingers. Try googling for “hand exercises”. The best thing to do is to let your hands rest for a bit, as addicting as cabling can be you want to keep your hands and wrist in good working order so you can cable another day.

Sometimes my Options click, sometimes they don’t. Just depends on what stitches I am doing. If I’m working just knits it’s click click click.

Sore hands? Relax already!

I never click when I knit with metal needles and I’ve always wondered why some people do, and some people don’t. I must not knit fast enough.

I had to knit a row to see. Some needles I click with more than others, but my bamboo needles are pretty quiet.

I dont think I’ve ever clicked even with my options and I can knit a good pace. It must be the needles. I think the set of aluminum I tried and didn’t like clicked a little.

(I’m a bit of a needle snob)

I think that the old steel and aluminum needles must have clicked louder than the modern metals such as nickel-plate, because I don’t hear much clicking nowadays.

That’s so funny because when I first started using bamboo needles my daughter said she liked it when I used metal needles better because she liked the clicking sound. Go figure. She only uses metal herself. :slight_smile:

I thought [U]it[/U] was what followed the push-button age, which in turn followed the dial age, the step-out and holler age, etc.


–Jack :guyknitting:

I prefer woods and would rather not have the noise.


Hmm, I think sometimes mine click and sometimes they don’t. :teehee:

Thanks everyone! Sorry i am so late, but for some reason our router has been really intermitent today…grrr.
I will try to take breaks and stretch my hands, and not worry about the lack of clickage!

Step out an’ holler age, heh, heh - and that was just a wee bit before my time.