Click The Ball

Has anyone tried this? It’ll drive you nuts.

:teehee: It surprised me at first!

I managed to get to change eleven times… hmm


What Jan said

i gave up after four… that was a fun 2 and a half hours! :teehee:


Hilde ~ :yay:

Ditto Jan, but then I have a ‘slow’ mouse…:teehee:

lol I got bored at 13. pretty interesting for 15 minutes or so.

Cool. I stopped about 25 clicks in-when the ball changed to a bright orange.

:roflhard: cute little game. I saved it for the grandkids. I think they are going to give a go. Then this is going to happen:tap::tap::nails::nails::waah:. Can’t wait for them to try it… I have a twisted sense of humor.