Clearance Sale

Okay now that I have been to the store and stocked up on Malabrigo I guess I can tell you about this sale! :teehee:

I just might have to make my Central Park Hoodie from Malabrigo. :thinking:

Must pick a colorway tonight. :teehee:

I hate you. :hug:

This exactly!!!


I haven’t bought from them yet but WEBS is having an end of yaer sale and the prices look pretty decent. Only a select list is discounted and it mostly seems like bulky weight lines… but a sale’s a sale, right?

that is one thing that is nice with mine…it is absolutely everything that they have in stock…needles and everything (they have a great supply of addis!)

My FAVORITE LYS only puts yarn on sale when they have a sale. That is still great but I wish they would put books and supplies and all that on sale too. Their margins just aren’t good enough with the books and such unfortunately.

Gah I got that postcard and the email which I have managed to stay strong but do you really have to :!!!: torture me further?!?! Dag nabit Bren!

:teehee: :hug:

pffft yeah you are tough…it didn’t start until today goob! give me enough time and i will do what i can to clear the temptation outta their store…lol

ARRRGH!! :fingerwag:

You made me buy something! I have never even visited that site before. But I was already wanting to get some Mission Falls for a project and their price was great! I bought 6 skeins.

I want to make a couple teddy bears out of it for this:

I read about it in my new Christmas gift, the book Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen. I had some extra Mission Falls colors already but need bear colors and some other good colors for bear clothes.

Well, thanks for finding me a sale, but my husband won’t know what to think…

oooh i am sorry for making you buy the pretty yarn! :teehee:

They really are a great store…i just don’t like how crowded it gets when there is more than 2 people in there! I HEARD a rumor in there today (I think i heard it right but what good is a rumor if it is heard correctly? :teehee:) that they were moving…:shrug: Not today though! :wink:

They have people who come in to run orders for people. So I am sure they will be working on yours quite quickly! :thumbsup:

:shrug: I was helpless!!!

I loudly agree!!! Darn you brendajos :!!!: It’s just not fair! :hair:

:teehee: :hug:

Nadja xxx

They ARE quick. I got an e mailing saying my order has already been shipped!! woohoo.

Oh man geez thanks. I’m over at Amazon ordering a couple knitting books (which I didn’t get for a Xmas present) and all of a sudden I’m checking out Malabrigo colours…!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok, so which colour did you get???

And, do you like this better than Manos del Uruguay?

GREAT PRICES. How am I supposed to break this to the DH?

Ok. grrr Question: can you make something with 4 skeins of the Malabrigo, like a vest. Or is 5 necessary. I wanted to make the Einstein coat out of Manos del Uruguary but someone said this would work too but be softer.

But then I guess I would need um, 1200 yards, that would be 6 skeins I think. I’m love with so many colours !!!

the worsted weight is about 215 yards. The chunky is about 65 yards. I do like it more than manos. Not as much of the thick/thin thing going on and way softer. I do like manos, don’t get me wrong, i just like malabrigo much better.

thanks brendajos… brenda?

I think I’ve got to get some…

I placed my order at 3 PM and I got shipping notification at 4:36!!! :cheering:

ok stop me if I’m wrong, but I just wanted 1 skein on Mmmmmmmmmmm and to get it on sale and then to pay shipping it was gonna be $17 somethin’ and so I went to e-bay and bought the same thing and after shipping it’s only $13 somethin’?!
thanks for the web site Bren