Cleaning Quicksilver needles?

For some reason, my size 3 dpn are feeling so funny. They’re not slick like they usually are. I normally LOVE quicksilver needles but these are driving me nuts. I tried washing them in soap and water and even rubbed lotion onto them to try and slick them up again - nope, they feel awful - like their humid or something. Does anyone know of anything I can do with the quicksilvers?

I have since got the DPN’s from Knitpicks and LOVE those - they are slick and POINTY :happydance: I just didn’t want to throw my other DPN’s away.

did they start feeling that way before you got the KP DPNs?

someone was having a problem with their Addi Turbos tarnishing on this thread and they used brasso to clean them. you can read about it on page 2.

I used to use those needles and I had that problem before, but mine cleaned up quite nicely with soap and water. I assumed that a build up of oils, etc from my hands was what was on them, but, as I said, they were fine after I washed them. Hmmmm :?? I don’t know what that could be.

well the reason I asked my question is because I was pretty pleased with the feel of my Boye needles. Used some Addis thought they were wonderful and when I picked up my Boyes again i found that they just didn’t feel the same to me. I don’t think it was because i was looking for excuses to ditch them it was just such a different feel that i just couldn’t get it to seem right. I did get used to them again but they just felt kinda strange when i started using them again. :shrug:

Makes perfect sense to me, bren, I am like that if I use different needles.

I see your point but they actually started feeling funny before I got the other needles - that’s the reason I bought new needles, I couldnt handle that “sticky” feeling anymore. I’m ready to pour baby oil on them next! :wall:

lol that’s an option too i would suppose. What kind of finish do those needles have on them? I wonder if there is something in the finish that is reacting chemically to you?

The reaction idea could be - I have a problem with any sort of metal. My whole life, my skin eats through it. Jewelry has been hard on me. It’s wierd too - my husband got me a beautiful ring for our 10 year anniversary - its 14k white gold - my finger is just doing something to the metal and its making a reaction - I had to take it off- it was causing my skin to bleed under the ring - isn’t that wierd! :verysad:

becjo, that sounds like an allergic reaction. Once you’re sensitized to an allergen (nickel, latex, whatever), any contact you have with it later will cause a more serious reaction. My boss wore latex gloves and became allergic to them, so he gets icky rashes like what you’re describing.

(side note: most people who routinely use latex gloves will become allergic to them)