Cleaning Knitpicks' Options?

I’ve been using my Options DPN’s like crazy while working on a baby afghan and I’ve noticed that they’ve got an odd discoloring to them now. What can I do to clean them up?


I think some people have used jewelry cleaner to remove the discoloration. Something on your skin is reacting to the metal, so it’s discoloring. I’ve never had it happen to me (but just wait…it will happen today now that I’ve said something! :rofl:).

I, among others, have had great success with Brasso.

I got mine at Publix in the chemical section, but I’m sure Walmart would have it too. Or a hardware store like Home Depot.

I use silver cleaner, and it works fine.

Me too. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks, ladies. I have some silver cleaner under the sink so I’ll try that. :slight_smile:

Me too. :)[/quote]

Me three.

And one guy! :rofl:

Eek!! :oops: :oops: :oops: Sorry!