Clean Edges for Moss/Seed Stitch

Ok, I’m doing a blanket, the borders are moss/seed stitch. Usually when I knit I slip the first stitch knitwise when i do garter stitch to end, flip and slip first stitch knitwise.

How should I go about this seed stitch wise? I have an odd number of stitches.

R1 First stitch slip kwise one row for the first stitch and knit last stitch
R2 First stitch slip pwise and purl the last stitch
R3 First stitch slip kwise first stitch and purl last?

Insight please.

I just did a scarf with a seed stitch border, and I treated the first and last stitches as selvedge stitches. I slipped the first and knit the last. When there was a row where the second stitch on the needle was a purl, I brought the yarn behind the right needle and between the two needles to purl the second stitch. It made a nice edge.

Thank you, Ingrid :slight_smile: I just have to picture the second step you mentioned.