Classic Slippers?

So I have been dying to knit some slippers ever since I learned how to knit. but aware that that would be far beyond my ability at that early stage, I didn’t attempt it. however, with the winter season here, and me feeling braver and more confident in my abilites, I would like to attempt to make some up and am desperatley seeking a pattern for these slippers like ones my grandmother used to knit. if anyone knows of a good pattern for these classic slippers, please let me know! thanks so much.

These look similar:

These aren’t quite the same pattern but they are very quick and easy and they fit great

[COLOR=“DarkRed”][SIZE=“2”]I think these are the ones you’re looking for. They don’t have to be done in checks or stripes, but in my experience using two colors and “crossing over” the yarns in the back helps to make them strong and warm. I guess you could also use one color, just working from two different skeins to get the same effect, also.

Phentex Slipper Pattern (this is the original pattern)

Checkerboard Slippers

Hope this helps! [/SIZE][/COLOR]