Classic knitted vests...stupid question

Hey, this is probably a question with an obvious answer, but I’m knitting my first non-flat item: a vest from “Classic Knitted Vests.” After giving directions on armhole shaping, you’re supposed to knit “until armhole measures 8.5 inches.” Okay, is that

A. 8.5 inches from BEFORE you started shaping (vertical measurment)?

B. 8.5 inches from ATER shaping stops (vertical measurment after curve)?

C. 8.5 inches of curve? (Like a partial circumference?)

Okay, looking at my question, it probably makes less sense than the directions, but I thought I’d have a crack to see if anyone can help. Thanks!!!


If the armhole measures 8.5 inches, its just straight line measurement. I’ve never seen a pattern that expects you to measure partial circumference. I think that those of us knitting around kids, or late a night, or under other distractions would revolt! Yeah, I’d go with top to bottom.

Find a spot on the knitting that lines up with the first decrease for the armhole and measure to 8.5. This way your not distracted by the changes in the curve of the arm.

Good luck

Thanks for the help! It’s making much more sense now!