Classic Cable tank - a gift for Sam

[color=purple]I made this tube quite some times ago and I havent joined craftster that time. Sam saw this tube and want me to knit her one, so I did. I used the same yarn, which is one of my favourite yarn, the patons classic merino wool in natural marl. I think I only used like 1 and 1/2 balls of yarn.

This tube is knitted in round, using different needle size to give the shaping effects. Very easy and fast knit. I combine a simple lace and cable pattern, also rib pattern in it. I attach a maroon ribbon as a final touch to it and actually you can wear this top upside down. ;D
Thanks for looking![/color]

That is really, really beautiful!!

WOW Ditto on BEAUTIFUL.absolutely LOVE IT

Very cute…if I had the body to wear it, I’d knit one for myself!:woot:

OH MY GOD!! this is just beautiful!! really! it’s really really beautiful!!

I WANT ONE!!:lol:

and I love the ribbon part…gives it a really pretty touch…

and its also so pretty without it!!

I’m just…wow-ed! :notworthy:

I can’t stop looking at it!!!

that’s the things that just makes me feel like I wanna learn lace NOW!

Wow! That is SEXY! I really like the added touch with the ribbon.

Oh wow! It’s so extremely sexy! And the stereotype of knitting-is-for-old-ladies? I think this cable tank has banished that stereotype for ever! I love the fit, I love the pattern, I love the ribbon, I love everything about it!!! Great job :happydance:

Ooh, it is gorgeous!! What a beautiful pattern! I love it both ways, with the ribbon or upside down without! Great job, as always!

[COLOR=black]Lovely. A matching shrug would be delicious with it. :yay:[/COLOR]
[FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]

That is beautiful either way.

that is absolutely beautiful!

It is just gorgeous!



LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! :inlove::inlove::inlove: Awesome job!

WOW that is absolutely gorgeous, fantastic you are and artist. :star::yay::yay::star:

:woot:I love it!! :yay:

:yay::yay:That is sooooo gorgeous:yay::yay: If I could only knit like that. It looks really nice on you too!

Wonderful! It is an amazing gift. Lucky Sam!

Beautiful. I love that it works in either direction. Genius!

Wow!!! that is a great looking top. Can you share the pattern, if you wrote it down and also the size needles you used. I would love to make some for my teenage grandaughters. Please, please please?