I’m the so instructor for a tatting/knitting/crochet class in Opelika. I can teach the basics of tatting and knitting but aviod the crochet!!! it makes me carpel tunnel flare bad…anyway!!! Last night was the first class and one of the knitting ladies bnrought her 11yo son. Asfter a few minutes he wanted to join in and learn!!! SO his mom (kntting for only a little bit) was tryingt o show him and I walked over and got my big needles and helped. Eventually he joined me over by the tatters adn I could help him and the girls together. After an hour of stuggling w. the alum needles and NOT giving up and switched him to the bamboo (eveytime he neded help a dropped the blasted alum needles adn so did he!!!) As soon as he switched he speed up and loved it MORE:cheering: . At the end of class he had about 6-8 inches done (5 stitches wide :stuck_out_tongue: ) and can’t wait until next week. His mom got both the 13 alums and a set of 7 bamboo for him to work with!!! I can;t wait until the next class i get to go to in a couple weeks to see how much he has done!!!:yay: :yay: :thumbsup:

That sounds like fun, Vaudiss. Children are such charmers, and I love to teach them sewing, knitting, etc., when they show an interest like the 11 y.o. you mention. He might surprise you with how much he’s accomplished by next week’s class. :thumbsup:

I cna’t wait to see how much he’s done!!! I mean he got a ton done int he first lesson so if he keeps working then he’s going to have a long scarf by the time I see him :woohoo:

That is fantastic! Not only did he attend with his mom, he got to learn something new and break a gender role as well. If any of my kids showed the slightest interest in learning knitting I’d be in heaven.