Class Sock--PU 2 Stitches for Gusset

I’m making the Class Sock from Sensational Knitted Socks as a practice before starting on my sqap sqcks. I did the cuff, heel flap, and heel turn, and I’m about to start the gusset and I’m sooo confused.

Using 5 DPNs…

Okay, so she says to slip the heel turn stitches and renumber the needles, but the instructions are so confusing.

“Slip half of heel turn stitches onto needle 1.” Is that my original needle 1?

“Renumber needle with other half of heel turn stitches to needle 5.” Okay. Why isn’t this needle 4? Shouldn’t needle 5 be my working needle?

“Needle 1: PU 8 stitches from side of heel flap, PU 2 stitches at top of gusset (see page 25.)”

Um. Which part is the top of the gusset? (Page 25 was no help here.)


The gusset is the corner section between the place where you picked up the 8 stitches and the instep stitches. That is a place where holes often develop. Many sock patterns have you pick up only 1 stitch at the gusset but Schurch has you pick up 2 to help avoid holes. One of the reasons I like to make socks on 2 circs rather than dpns is because it eliminates some or all (depending on the pattern) of the switching stitches around on the needles.

Edit: :doh: No wonder we all loved the weffriddles…knitting is just like it sometimes! I was making it more complicated than it was.