Class recommendations in East Bay, CA?

I’m wondering if anyone has taken any knitting classes at any of the stores in the East Bay Area of Calif? There is one in Dublin – That Yarn Store-- and one in Pleasanton – Knit This, Purl that-- and I believe there are a couple in Lafayette, all of which have classes. Has anyone been to any of these and have preferences as to stores, teachers? I want to take a beginning refresher course or something one small step above beginner. Thanks for any rec’s!

Hi there! I am super new to knitting but I was hoping someone would reply to this thread since I am in the East Bay Area too!! I’ll keep checking back and let you know if I hear of any good classes. I was thinking of hitting up one of the shops in Lafayette.

As you can see, no one has replied, but I have been to three yarn stores in the area now, and I think I liked the store in Pleasanton (Knit This, Purl That) the best. They aren’t offering any classes that interest me now, but I will probably take one after Christmas. Right now, I am busy knitting hats and socks for everyone for Christmas and don’t want to take on another project. Anyway, the Dublin store didn’t have a great yarn selection, and one time when I went, they weren’t open, though it was within their posted hours. The Lafayeete store has beautiful (though pricey) yarn, but some woman was in there getting help with a sweater while I was there, and though the employee did help her, I thought she was kind of rude (perhaps other employees are nicer, though. They did have a large yarn selection and lots of completed projects to look at.) The Pleasanton store has a nice selection and the emplyees seeemed really friendly and helpful. So those are my thoughts, but I’ll let you know more when I’ve actually taken a class. Let me know if you take a class or hear any recommendations for any nearby stores. All three stores have websites with classes listed.

I am going into SF this Sun. with some out of state visiting relatives and I’d really like to stop by some yarn shops there (I’ve heard there are some great ones), but I am afraid me relatives might not appriciate them as much…They want to see Alcatraz and GG Bridge and such. Probably not so thrilled about travelling all this way to see yarn…

JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts in Fremont, off of Automall Pkwy, has a very good lineup of knitting classes from beginner to advanced.

Hi…sorry I didn’t catch your post in a timely manner…I just ran into it. I live in Castro Valley and have taken classes at both Knit This, Purl That (Pleasanton) and That Yarn Store (Dublin). I enjoyed the classes in both places. I’m kind of a class-a-holic. I’ve taken 2 classes at the Knit This, Purl That and about 4 or 5 at That Yarn Store. Both have wonderful teachers and staff and are always willing to help out. Hope that helps…