Clarity on the Envelope Hat pattern


The patterns instructions are to co 62 stitches, p2, k2 for the first row, k2, p2 for the second row and then repeat the last 2 rows 14 times. My question is should there be a total of 16 rows or 30 rows? In other words, am I adding 14 sets of the last two rows or am I making 14 more rows? I want to make sure I’m reading it right.

Thank you in advance!!

Sounds like you should have a total of 30 rows. Does that make sense with the picture of the hat? Can you give us a link to the pattern?

Thank you SalmonMac!

Here’s the pattern and I think you’re right. While you have to pay for it, the instructions are written this way twice in the beginning. This means it’s that many sets and not that many rows.