Clarifying instructions

I am about 2/3 into this bottom up sweater and am somewhat confused by the instructions that start with “All sizes”. I have completed the first set up to the part where I’ve noted “100 sts”. What is not clear to me is the part where it instructs to “work dec as set across sleeve as set” and from there. I feel like an idiot and suspect I am making this more complicated than it has to be…IMG_0661

It’s not you. This might have been more clearly explained by mentioning the markers. I numbered them to make it easier to explain.
InkedKH yoke sweater_LI
You’re making the smallest size? At the bottom of column 1 there are 108 sts. Under All sizes, for the first row, decreases are only on the front and back (not on sleeves). Dec once after marker 1 and once before marker 2 then dec after marker 3 and before marker 4. (104sts)
On the next dec round, dec once after marker 4 and once before marker 1, then after marker 1. Dec before and after marker 2, before and after marker 3 and then before marker 4. (96sts)
Repeat these decrease rows again for another 12 sts decreased. (84sts)

Do I need to rip out the one knitted round and the first group? I did the decreases at each marker not just the front and back and have 100 stitches now😳

For myself, I would tink back across the decrease round.
Alternatively you could probably dec 4 on the next dec row (front and back only), then 8 on the next (front, back and sleeves) and 4 on the next. It’s up to you.

I bit the bullet and tinked all the way back to the first decreases and fixed the mistakes I made. Now my challenge is I have run out of the yarn (it’s on order but due to the new pandemic circumstances, who knows when it will come) so plan B is to use some other like weighted yarn I already have to finish it off. Thank you so, so much for your help and your expertise; you have no idea how much this has helped me.

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