Clarifying EZ's instructions on SOCKS

I’d love to start making socks with no pattern in front of me so I was reading EZ’s book this morning. As it happens I began a pair of socks
in K2,P2 ribbing and she said she loves that for a sock.

But look at this: isn’t it contradictory… Or am I just not getting it?
This is on working the HEEL:

That is, I knit the knit rows. On the purl rows, knit the first four and last four stitches. I also slip the first stitch, and purl the last one on each row, which gives a pretty and useful braided edge–a pleasure to knit up when the times come.”

Ok, that sound very interesting and I want to try it on this pair I started.
But. She say knit the last four stitches then she says purl the last stitch… on each row. You can’t do both. Right?

So which is it?

I would say either you k4, p1 or k3, p1 @ the end of the row and either k5 or k4 @ the beginning, depending on your choice for the end of the row :wink:
Now, where did you find this…are u reading an EZ book? Which one?

It’s Knitting Without Tears. Would be interesting to ask her daughter… I noticed someone just talked to her the other day. Meg Swansen.
k3, p1 probably that. Guess you just have to do it and look at it.

Trust the pattern

Or something like that :wink: