Clarify instructions, please

This is my first project in years and I’m stuck. I figured out how to the M1 and finished that row with no problems. The next line of instructions says to “Work in established rib for 2”, working the new sts as purls on the right side."

My question is … what is the established rib? The pattern of the row I just finished? or the original 2 rows of pattern?

The pattern is the La Boheme Neck Warmer by Margaret Maney. I found it on the website.

I have at least three other knitting projects I haven’t finished and really don’t want to add this one to the pile. Any help clarifying this pattern will be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome!
You’ll now have a new rib pattern, p4k3. That’ll be the result of the M1 increases. It’ll continue the columns of knit sts from the initial rib without a break.

Looks cozy and warm.

Thank you so very much for responding. I can’t wait to get knitting again.