Clarify a pattern

Hello. I am knitting a earflap hat and not sure of what to do. Here is the instruction that I need help with.

Decr for crown as follows
[K6(7,8,10) K2tog] across

Do I K6 k2tg k6 k2tg across or
Do I k6 k2tg then k2tg across?

The brackets are the key. Inside the brackets it says [K6, K2tog] and outside the brackets, it says “across.”

Do what’s inside the brackets across—therefore, it’s what you wrote first:

k6, k2tog, k6 k2tog, k6 k2tog…

Don’t forget to stay with the stitches required for the size hat you are knitting.

Thank you Lisa for the clarification. I think I will enjoy this forum… So many helpful knitters. I feel a little more confident to start knitting a little more advanced work, knowing that there are experts out there to help as I go.

Yep! I never would have really learned to knit without this website! The folks are GREAT!