Clarification on seed st. increasing

My pattern is a seed stitch wherein I increase 1 st each end of row on next and following 3 alt rows. I’m not sure if I understand that. Anyone have some insight? Thanks.

What this means is to increase once at each end of you knitting on the next row and then every other row for three times. So, for example, if you are on row 1, and the next row is row 2, you would increase on:

row 2
row 4
row 6
row 8

If the pattern doesn’t specify the type of increase to do, then it’s really up to you. When I’m doing a pattern stitch, however (such as seed stitch), I personally like using m1.

As you do the increases, incorporate the stitches into the seed stitch pattern.

ETA: I forgot to say–When instructed to increase at each end of the needle, I generally do this one stitch in from the edge (and with m1, you have to). This helps keep the edge neater if you have to seem later.

Thank you so very much. I did it right. I thought I mised a row and was suppose to increase on every 3rd row. Thanks again.:thumbsup: