Clarification on pattern instructions

I’m using two colors of yarn and the pattern says to “carry yarn not being used loosely along inside edge”. Does this mean along the side edge?

It sounds like you’re changing colors at the end of the row, so you can carry the color not in use up the side edge. They are probably asking for the inside edge so that the carried yarn is in or near the seam.
You can catch the carried color with the working yarn if you want to minimize the look of a loose loop at the edge, if you want. Just remember to carry it fairly loosely so it doesn’t pull at the edge sts. I assume the yarn is only being carried for a few rows since the pattern is telling you to do so.

Thanks for responding so quickly! I’m not very experienced with two colors and I wasn’t sure it meant to carry the yarn along the outside edge or “iinside as you knit” edge! It makes sense to carry it along the outside edge though, so it will be available to pick up when I change back to that color. Duh! Sometimes just talking it out with someone else makes it clear! Thanks again.

Well… the WS of the outer edge which will probably be seamed up. You just don’t want the odd color to show on the RS when you’re done.