Clarification of knit pattern instructions

Good afternoon:

I am knitting a baby cardigan and I think I misunderstand the pattern instructions.

Row 4 has me place 5 stitches at beginning and last 5 on safety pins for buttonhole band. Does that mean that I don’t work those stitches any longer until I get to the instructions for the “BUTTONHOLE BAND”?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
If it’s the last 5sts on the left front and the first 5sts on the right front when you knit across the right side row, then yes, that’s the button and buttonhole bands. If you read the pattern to the end you’ll probably find directions for those sets of 5sts. For now, just leave them on the holders.
Can you link to the pattern or give us the pattern name?

If the pattern says to put the sts on safety pins, it sounds like you are using the safety pins as stitch holders and therefore, you will not be working on these stitches until later told to do so.

If you were supposed to continue working on them, then the pattern might have directed you to place a stitch marker between the 5 band stitches and the rest of the row just to remind you that these were the button band.

That’s what I thought. Thank you.

The pattern is from an older Better Homes and Gardens book. I believe it is a Coats & Clark pattern.

You are wonderful to help me stay straight.

Thanks a bunch.