Clarification help please

OK - so I’m working a vee-neck jumper (sweater).

On the back I’ve worked the desired number of rows so that 41cms is achieved.

Now - the pattern says:

Work 20 rows in stripes of 10 rows C, 6 rows M and 4 rows C, AT THE SAME TIME dec one st at each end of next row, then in every foll alt row 6 times … 104 sts.

OK - so the colour changes are basic enough - I understand that perfectly. As this procedure begins on the right side in stocking stitch (a knit row). Am I to assume that the decreases talking about are on purl rows? - wisdom sought.

Decreases are normally done on RS rows, so you would begin these on the same ‘next row’ as the color changes for the stripes.

Yes, decrease on the row that starts the stripes which is probably a knit row. But even if it isn’t, you can always read ahead to see if there’s some reason that the decreases need to be on purl rows. If not, change the decreases to the knit side if you prefer. An extra row here or there is probably not critical.

It sort of occurs to me that decreasing (either P2tog or K2tog) are pretty much evenly matched. I’m loving the stripes of colour in this vee-neck sweater/jumper. Photo below shows what I’ve done so far including the three different balls of yarn (all natural, no dyes used).

Mmm, gorgeous yarn and nice work. You are in the land of beautiful yarn too.

That is gorgeous! :inlove:

Looking good, David! Very nice color combination.

Very tasteful. It sort of makes me think of black and white TV, but in a good way. I look forward to seeing the FO.

Sadly the photo doesn’t do credit to the yarn, especially the brown one which has the most amazing ashen glow about it, almost grey brown.