Clara Dress help

I’m knitting the Clara dress - a dress for an infant. It is knit in the round and I’m assuming at this point it is all one piece.

The patterns says to knit some stitches, take off 10 onto a holder, then CO stitches. I cannot figure out how to do this.

Please help.

Jeanette Norman

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Maybe it’s this pattern? There are a couple of Clara dresses.

You’ve knit some sts and your working yarn is at the end of the right hand needle. Slip the next sts to the holder. Now switch the needles in your hands so that the working yarn is coming off the left hand needle. Use a knit or cable cast on to cast on the new sts. After you’ve cast on the correct number of sts, again switch the needles in your hands and continue knitting. On the next round you’ll knit over those cast on sts.
There’s no sts going onto a holder in this video but the idea of casting on in the middle of the row and switching the needles is the same.