Clara Dress for Elsa

I sent this dress to my great-niece, Elsa, and last night I finally got to see her in it. All we could do is laugh cause the fit and color are just her personality - she is really a sunshine-yellow mini-dress kinda gal. LOL

She’s adorable and the dress is so pretty!

Everything about this little yellow sundress is PERFECT, including the model!!!

So happy and lovely!

How precious! She’s adorable, and the dress is lovely on her.

She’s gorgeous and the dress is just perfect!


I have a fantastic grandson (just the one:shrug: & wish I had more) but there’s no comparison between knitting a black Ninja hood & that cute dress you got to make!!!
However, my grandson has friends & I’m able to sneak some girly stuff in that way. I made a beret, matching wrist warmers, scrunchy, & scarf for his friends birthday party the day after Christmas.
your granddaughter & the dress are precious.

Oh my … it’s PERFECT!!! She is too cute in it!

:inlove: Adorable!

So beautiful!! :muah: Would you mind telling us what pattern you used? There are more little girls out here in need of these. :lol: Elsa looks lovely in her yellow dress.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Elsas so sweet in the little dress... I like baby girls in yellow or pink dresses, thats so pretty~~

Beautiful little girl in a beautiful knitted dress. :slight_smile:

That is the prettiest baby dress to me ever!!! :heart: I want to knit it but I have read there are mistakes in the pattern. Is that true? Did you find any?

I’ve made 3 of it now. Here’s how to get the pattern. It comes as a kit, but I didn’t use the yarn from the kit… I used Red Heart Sport cause it was the yellowest. It made the dress turn out to fit a 2 year old instead of a baby. I don’t like the gauge process much, so I knit things, then give them to whomever they might fit. I also did one in Bernat baby jacquard. I don’t think there are mistakes in the pattern.

Blessed to Sew - here’s a link to my other post of this dress
you can see the eyelet holes in the yoke didn’t line up properly. The problem is, on the yellow one they did line up, and I DON’T KNOW HOW IT TURNED OUT DIFFERENTLY the 2nd time. Just dumb luck I guess. haha

Thank you so much. That dress is gorgeous too!!

When you start the yoke, you will be able to see if the YO that makes the eyelet holes is lining up with the peaks of those scallops. If not, then fiddle with it and Make Them Fit. You can do the basic decrease system the same way. With baby sized things, it’s not a problem to knit it twice once you see how it works. The 2nd time is usually a better job, and it doesn’t take that long. I also added in beads, as you can see.

oh so sweeetttttttttt little doll in her beautiful dress

That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen today. :flirt: