Clara Dress finished

I used the Bernat Softee Baby and Bernat baby Jacquard for this dress. I’m excited to try it on my grand-daughter this week. She’s 3 years old, and it will be a shirt for her.

Absolutely beautiful! :heart:

Oh my…that is just gorgeous! :inlove:

That is so adorable. Is the pattern available?

Here is a thread about it: Jan helped me locate the pattern.

Here’s where I purchased:

Also here I think:

That is just perfection!!! I want to make one of those.

Very cute! Thanks for the link to the topic. Now I’m going to have to go get the kit too :happydance:

Evona, the kit was less $ at the last link I gave, but I had already ordered from Webster site. They were [B]Really Fast[/B], and offered personalized service in selecting a color. She emailed me 2-3 times when I was figuring it out.

OMGGGGGGg its mindblowing …so lovely n beautiful

Wow!!! GORGEOUS!!! I love how yours came out!!

That is SO sweet! I love :heart: the scallop effect at the bottom!

Oh, it’s absolutely adorable! :heart:

Ohhhhh this is postively DIVINE! DIVINE! DIVINE!

And did I mention DIVINE??? I love it!!!




Lori, you’re choices for yarn on the dress take it from just cute to really exceptional! The changes are stunning, and like Dollyce, I think is “divine”!

Deb, I had to lie awake at night a couple of times, thinking about how those changes should work out in the yoke. I’m pleased with them. The floats across the under side aren’t too long (little fingers), because I just took time to twist the floater into the back side about every 4-5 stitches as I went.

what a lucky little girl! Thanks for sharing, it is gorgeous!

Here’s the lucky recipient. She had trouble organizing a smile for the camera.:wink: