Clappy all done!

And I love her! :happydance:

Ooops! I was so excited I forgot to upload the image. Sorry 'bout that :wall:

That’s beautiful, what yarn did you use?

It’s so sheer it doesn’t even look knitted… it’s looks like it was bought at a store!

It’s just beautiful! :happydance:

VERY pretty. I’m also dying to know which yarn you used…


Wow :inlove: That’s so pretty. Beautiful color. Great job :thumbsup:

Very classy Clappy! I love it!

Gorgeous!! :inlove:

Wow, I love her too!

That’s just beautiful work!

That is just gorgeous!

I may have to make one now.

You really must tell us what yarn you used! C’mon, cough it up! :slight_smile:


:cheering: GORGEOUS :cheering:
What yarn did you use?

It’s so delicate. Very impressive!

That is beautiful!!! I hope that my knitting will improve so I can make something as gorgeous as that!! I definitely know what to be aiming for now!!

Very beautiful :inlove: . That’s on my never ending list of things to knit.

That is just GEORGEOUS!! I didn’t like Clappy until I saw your FO. It’s just drool-a-licious. :slight_smile: What yarn did you use?


and again, WHAT YARN DID YOU USE??? :teehee:

Thank you for all the lovely compliments. :muah: I threw her around me today as I sipped an iced chai tea in a freezing Starbucks and again in the freezing grocery store. It was the perfect light wrap!

I had so much fun knitting the clapotis, and after wearing it, I am dying to make another one!

I used Cherry Tree Hill Merino Superwash Supersock yarn. It was a fabulous yarn to knit–loved it–and the clappy has an awesome drapiness.
I used two different colorways (Foxy Lady and Cabin Fever), dropping one strand and picking up the other strand every other row, carrying them up the sides–carry it up loosely on the decrease part!

The clapotis (does anyone know how clapotis translates?) was quite easy to knit–I have been knitting less than a year (although I have been a knitting machine since beginning.)