I’m finally at the place where I can spend some time and energy making this scarf.(It’s not for anyone else but me, so I can take six years to make it.) Plan to make it from Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb, and I’m wondering if you think ‘Grumperina’ would be a good colorway for it?

Thanks for any and all opinions.

Oh, that’s a gorgeous color! I think it’ll turn out beautiful. Do share pics of your progress and finish!!

Are you a member of ravelry? They have a group dedicated to Clapotis - it’s called “how do you pronounce Clapotis” or something like that. Someone there created an excel spreadsheet that spells out each row and gives the stitch count at the end - they say it’s very handy.

You know, I think clapotis is so interesting and pretty that just about anything will look lovely once you knit it up.

I think you’ll enjoy that colorway.

(I knit mine in a fingering weight yarn and it took me 2 years to finish, haha. So I feel you.)

all purple has my approval :thumbsup: