Clapotis question

Those of you who have made her… would it be easy to deviate from the pattern and make her a little bigger? Lets just say, my world has a larger circumference than the designers world.

Yes! It is very, VERY easy to make Clapotis shorter or longer, wider or thinner. It’s all in how many repeats of the pattern you choose to do and it becomes very clear as you knit it.
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Clapotis? Though I am a feminist and consider myself somewhat worldly, I was not aware that such a thing existed until recently. I hesitate to make one. I can just imagine running late for a function with DH, me standing in the hall pushing the elevator call button as DH scurries through the house taking care of last minute details. Suddenly, I realize I am without my Clapotis. I would be standing there in the hall frustrated, waiting for my husband to find my Clapotis. At a certain point I guess I would just have to pretend he found it so we could be on our way…

It’s very easy to adjust the size. For a larger width, add more repeats of the increase section. For a long length, more repeats of the straight section. For those who want a scarf, do less repeats.


ok… not thinking clearly… but what the heck is Clapotis?

mind is totally gone


A wrap that can be a scarf.


thank you… my mind just isn’t wroking fully functional today…

Guess not… :teehee:


ok… be nice… pick on the person the irs has intimadated for the last 3 weeks… sniff its ok… lol

i do like that pattern… problem is… i don’t have anyone to knit it for. DD is in San Diego… and doesn’t wear scarves… *grumble

what we need is a spell check… i have problems typing let alone spelling, lol

Bear hugs to all

The thing about spell check is if you typo something into a real word, it doesn’t catch it anyway. Case in point - I first wrote word' aswork’.

San Diego can be cool at night; a full size Clapotis is about 22" by 72" and that’s a nice size wrap to wear for going out to the movies or dinner or wherever.