Clapotis question and KnitPicks shipping to Canada

I am planning to buy some classical circulars and yarn from KnitPicks. Are there any Canadians who could tell me approximately how long it takes to receive the package? On the site they say between 5 and 14 days, but I’d like to know if it would be closer to 5 or 14 to ship to Montreal…

Also, I was thinking of buying some Shimmer to make a Clapotis. I’m hesitating between getting 3 or 4 hanks… any thoughts on this? I don’t want it to be too big, but I don’t want to run out of yarn either! :teehee:

I don’t know about the shipping, but have a question back at you on the Shimmer. Are you knitting single or double stranded? What size needles? I knit one that wasn’t quite full size using 3 strands of Shimmer on size 10.5, triple stranded. Mine is about 22"x68" or so.


Oh yes I forgot to mention that, thanks Sue. I intended to use two strands and something like size 8 needles, but I never used Shimmer before so I will have to experiment. You used three strands? Now that’s another idea… :teehee: How did you like working with Shimmer? How much yarn did you use in the end?

I used all but a bit of the 3 skeins, one strand of each. Several people on the yahoo Clapotis group used 2 strands on 8s and found that 3 skeins, +/- a bit, was enough.


I live in Alberta and I have ordered from knitpicks. I’d say it is definatly closer to the 14 days for shipping for me. I think once it took 3 weeks, but that was over Christmas so that could have slowed it down.

I ordered and had it sent to New Brunswick. It took 10 business days (one of which was an American Holiday) for my package to arrive. I ordered on Sunday the 2nd of July, and received my package on Friday the 14th.

I’m not sure why I remember the exact dates! :shrug:

I would definitely order from them again. The amount of duty I had to pay was less than the taxes I would have paid if I had purchased the yarn here, and the exchange rate was really good at the time so it was well worth it for me to order from them.

I Live right on the border city in Windsor Ontario, and am relatively close to the distribution site… as a result, when I ordered over the American Thanksgiving my order arrive around 10 days.

Seems there shipping is pretty accurate.

Thanks ladies!

I made my first KnitPicks order last night :cheering: some Shimmer for the Clapotis (I went with 3 hanks… I think it will be enough), classical circulars, and a book: Knit Fix. I really don’t think I could have bought something equivalent for that price, even including shipping, duty and exchange rate, here in Canada. I’m extremely careful with my money and did a lot of research and calculations, and really, it’s hard to beat.

How do they do it??? :shrug: