Clapotis help

hi all :slight_smile:
has anyone done Clapotis? ( free pattern on
im having a problem with the 2nd section
on Row 4: SL 1, k2, KTBL, ( k1,KTBL,k3,KTBL) to last marker k1, KTBL, k1, KFB
i have 19 sts ,from this i should have 20 sts
here is the row b4 R4
R2: SL1,k1,KTBL,(k1,KTBL,k3,KTBL) to last marker k1,KTBL,k1,KFB
the ODD rows are: SL1, purl to last St , PFB
any ideas?


In the increase section all rows should end with a pfb or kfb, so if you’ve got 1 less stitch you probably forgot to do an increase on one of the previous rows.


i realized i didnt follow that last bit correctly