Clapotis error question? OPIONS wanted

hi all :slight_smile:
i posted this question at the clapotis KAL on here
but thot i would post it here too.
i made a mistake on the clap, there was one or 2 places i DIDINT drop the stitches…
should i snip them & drop them, would that work???
or leave it, which the perfectionist in me doesnt want to do , hehe
also i dont want to frog it…

:?? hmmm I made the clap a while ago so I’m not sure I remember. But let’s see.

Since the clap is knitted diagonally, if you forgot to drop a stitch, I don’t really see how you could correct it without frogging. When I knitted it, I remember putting lifelines EVERYWHERE for exactly that reason. :shifty:

Now, would it be possible to snip it and drop it? :?? that’s a good question. I wouldn’t know exactly where to cut. I think you would need to be careful… honestly if you don’t want to frog (and believe me I DO understand why you don’t want to do that :teehee:), you could leave it. Just call it… your personal interpretation. Now I wonder if maybe you should “forget” a few more times so it looks better… :shrug:

[B]hi there:)[/B]
[B]yeah its a PAIN to frog, tho i have done more than my fair share of frogging, hehe[/B]
[B]its a gift for someone done in deep purple E lavold silky wool yarn…[/B]
[B]its so far down the diagonal i dont know where the thing begins or ends …[/B]
[B]o well [/B]
[B]thanx for ur opinion :)[/B]
[B]ps i want to do a clap WITHOUT dropping the sts[/B]
[B]i like the way it looks[/B]
[B]want to try it sometime[/B]

There is still a KAL on going on I believe. Perhaps one of them might be able to help, or you could find a post with the same problem.

I would bet money it’s happened to someone before. I dropped on the wrong row so I have one that is one stitch less wide than the others, and it drives me crazy. How’s that for insane? :open_mouth:

Here is the link: 163 pages on that KAL

You can search on that topic only in the blue bar at the top. :slight_smile:

i have been to this site b4, tho its been a while
i posted there too
take care

I forgot to drop some of mine, and I clipped the yarn. Luckily I had plenty of yarn to tie a small knot and bury it in the border so you can’t tell.
It’s possible for it to work out, but it’s up to you if you want to attempt it.

please tell me in a different email if you like how you did it
im not sure i want to tackle it,but would like to know how you did it,please