Clapotis drop stitch help

I’m trying to knit the clapotis scarf before I attempt the
shawl. I’m dropping the first stitch down several rows. Do I pick up the yarn again and place it back on the right needle?
Basically, what do you do after the stitch is dropped several rows to keep it from dropping any further?

You take your left hand needle and insert it from the front underneath the little “line” of yarn from that top dropped stitch. Once you have caught that little loop of yarn on your left needle knit into the back loop (as you’ve been doing on either side of what becomes the dropped stitches). Hopefully that makes sense.

Thanks for replying Jenn. I get how the make tthe new stitch from the top bar. It’s the dropped stitch I do not understand. I dropped the stitch a couple of rows…
then what do I do. How do I keep the dropped stitch from dropping more than a few rows?

You should be dropping the stitch that was formed by the YO. It’s supposed to drop all the way down and will be stopped because the YO was a made stitch at the very beginning of the column.

Yes, let it drop all the way down. It will stop itself. I don’t know how, but it does stop at the end. It’s terrifying but it does work! :slight_smile:

It stops because that stitch was formed by a YO and it’s not connected to other stitches like the kfb/pfb are.