cirulator knitting needles

I want to make fingerless gloves and I believe that I need a 12" circular needle. My question is this 12" the wire only or does the 12" include the 4" needles?

The measurement you find on circular needles includes the length of the needles. So you measure tip to tip.

As an aside-- 12" circs won’t be particularly useful in most knitting projects. Many people don’t like them due to the small needle length required to create that size, too. I find they hurt my hands. I prefer magic loop knitting with a longer circular needle. If you try the 12’s though let us know how it works for you and please share your project when you’re done! :slight_smile:

thank you so very much. I just looked up on the internet magic loop I may give it a try. but when I’m out this afternoon I’m going to look at the 12" circular needle.

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Hi Coleen, I’m Wolfie jumping in here. The 12" circulars are made,
quite often with a needle that is bent at about 20 degrees to make it
more easily manipulated. However, as was earlier suggested by Jan,
the “magic loop” style is something you should most definitely learn
in the near future. Just thought I would weigh in on that one.
Also, don’t forget DPNs.
Good Luck

Thanks Wolfie. Boy this is really a great site i.e. new friends. there isn’t anyone in my circle of friends that knit. I’m working on fingerless gloves and decided to work with DPNs. It’s going good.
Thanks again