Circulars or DPN?

I see so many patterns that call for circular needles and others for DPN when knitting in the round. Some even say to use circular then change to DPN to begin decrease. Can someone please explain the difference and why change to the other if you’re already knitting in the round? I want to learn knitting in the round, but the DPN seem so complicated. I’m afraid I’ll have my fingers tied in knots. :oops:

I’m a “green-newbie”, and even I can use DPNs… So don’t be afraid… The main reason to use DPN is because, as you decrease the number of stitches on your circular needles, eventually the stitches will become so tight that they become impossible to use (so you have to change to DPN).

Once you try using DPN you’ll see how easy they are… :thumbsup:

There comes a point in circular knitting that there’s no circular needle small enough. The little alpaca I knit comes to mind. The neck is only an inch in diameter. You couldn’t knit that on a circular needle.

Dpns are not that hard. In fact, it had been a while since I used them, but when I used them on the alpaca I remembered how not-hard they are. Many people prefer them.

There is also the option of knitting circular things on two needles, or using magic loop. I usually use the 2 needles, but for something really small, I think I’ll stick to dpns and avoid all the cables hanging and having to switch around too much.

Someone said Silver’s sock tutorial has excellent picures of how to use dpns.

I was so skeeered to try knitting on 2 circs…but (with Amy’s video of course) learning it was easy as pie! :thumbsup:

I should probably get over of my fear of DPNs next…if Ingrid says it isn’t hard… :wink:

I’ve only made a couple of projects using dpn’s, and quite a few using circulars. Personally, I’m finding I prefer dpn’s. Granted, it may make for somewhat slower knitting (for me), but I tend to get bored so easily, and using dpn’s helps break up the boredom for me. I get so tired of having to stop and slide the stitches around on circulars. That’s just me, though. :lol:

Thanks everyone! I’ll get brave enough to try them after your encouragement.

I was really scared to try them at first too… double points REALLY mortified me. :lol: So I just made the decision to pick them up and try it one day… and LOVE it!