Circulars instead of DPNs?

I’m a new knitter, and I’m doing my first knitting in the round. My pattern (a baby hat) calls for sz 9 DPNs (I have the Harmony Wood from knitpicks). I am part way through and, wow, I really hate it. It’s awkward, and I have messed up my rows somehow, and it’s just generally sapping all the joy out of knitting at the moment.

I was thinking I might try circulars instead. Couldn’t I just follow the same pattern on the circular needles? Do certain patterns have to be done one way or the other? Am I kidding myself that circulars will be easier?


You can use a 16 in circular and then switch to DPN, two circular needles, or magic loop when the stitches are too few on the 16" needle.

Or you can start out working with two circular needles or doing magic loop and not have to switch at all. All methods are under advanced techniques in the video section.

Personally, I usually start with a 16" and go to two circs, but I sometimes use two circs. Depends on the pattern.

I find dpns cumbersome, too. Try circulars & just use the dpns for the very top of the hat. Or use 2 circulars.