Circulars and twisted sts

I was wondering if anyone had a trick/tip/advice on avoiding twisting stitches on circulars. I recently tried a pattern that had a lot (300) stitches and was forced to go to a longer (39") set of circulars. I experienced twisting that I never had before, and with the combo of many stitches and the monofilamnet that has a mind of its own…some difficulty keeping the stiches from twisting. Any tips/help appreciated.

I’ve read that laying it out on a table and positioning the cast-on edge inward helps, but it sounds like your cord might not be cooperative. Maybe you can just check it over carefully, working from one end to the other, untwisting on the way as necessary, and then double-checking right after joining.

one of the things you can do is knit a few rows in pattern, flat and then in the second or third row do the join. it should be easier to make sure it lays flat then and when you are done you can go back and sew up the little gap with the tail yarn.

The longer length of the mono makes it impossible to keep it positioned, at least w/o a couple of extra hands to hold it and keep it from twisting. My best thought was to lay it on something and hold it down with weight (books,something) and then align the stitches. It only seems to be a problem for the join and first couple of rows, then the weight of the yarn starts to counteract the twisting of the mono. But with lotsa stitches I had more than a difficult time keeping them straight, like 3 or 4 re-do’s

Good one, Brendajos. :thumbsup: I’ve seen that method before – in one of EZ’s books, maybe? That’s a great idea for a project with lots of cast on stitches.

Wooly guy – have you tried dipping the cord in hot water to relax it and make it less ornery?

Over on knitty board’s knitting tips forum, someone just posted that she used some of those binder clips on her needles to hold them on straight.