Circular vs. straight question

I use circulars mostly, but I really like straights and they feel more… authentic to me somehow, I guess…

What I’d like to know without ruining my sweater in progress is how many stitches can comfortably be mashed on straight needles? I’m using WW yarn now, I conceivably can see squishing 122 stitches on 14 inch needles, no?

Is there a rule? thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Depends on your yarn really, but i’ve managed to squeeze 250 onto a 35cm needle, they were VERY cozy though, and were constantly being told to “move to the end of the needle, we got more stitches getting on” - mind you this was in the days before i discovered circs (but i still prefer straights and will use them if i can get away with it, i think the working needle part of circs is too short sometimes, specially for bigger projects like afhgans :shrug: )