Circular vs. Flat Gauge

Does the gauge change when going between cirular and flat knitting even if the yarn and needles are the same?

I’ve read text that suggests this is the case and I am currently knitting a sock where a gauge change seems to have occurred.

If this is true, then why does this happen?

It can with some people. If you purl looser or tighter than you knit when you do all knit in the round, the gauge will be different without the purl rows.

Can you just adjust the number of sts to make it work? When I do toe up I just keep increasing to the right size. I’m curious, do you have more or fewer st/in in the round?

Too late for your project but here’s a way to easily knit a circular gauge swatch that will be more accurate for most knitters

I did the leg in ribbed and switched to stocking net for a half inch. The leg was done in the round.

I then did the heel in flat but continued the stocking net pattern. The heel stocking net sitch immediately became larger at the transition for the same number of stitches and, consequently, flared out because each stitch was larger when done flat than when done in the round.

I think suzeeq had the right idea.

For something like this you can see if your purls are looser or tighter, then do the flat section with a smaller or larger needle so the gauge will match the in the round part. If you decide to take it out and do it like this, you can check the gauge to see which size needle you’d need to use.