Circular versus Straight needles


I am just loving my circular needles. I do have a question. Can I also knit the patterns that call or straight needles on my circulars? In other words, a regular pattern say a washcloth, can I knit that on my circulars and just do not join them???

Thank you.

PS: No link because is just a general question :slight_smile:

Absolutely!!! I [I]never[/I] use straights anymore. I knit everything on circulars and never have to worry about not being able to find the second needle, having one needle get too heavy, forgetting one needle at home, having the end of the needle hit the arm of the couch, etc.

Yep, I can’t even use straights anymore they bug the heck out of me.

Once you use circular needles, you’ll think of all sorts of ways to continue using them. Much easier to work with and less scary for your friends and family than the sticks.

WOW Thank you everyone. You are so right, and I invested money in straight bamboo needles, but I swear, my new circulars are awsome. They are easier on my wrists and thumbs.

My only problem is, I don’t find larger size needles, like 8, 9, 10 for circulars. Also does it matter then who long the wire is? What are the brands you find easiest??/ I love KnitPicks they have a thin wire. But I just bought the Denise exchangable needles, that wire is thicker and stiffer.

Anyways…thank you so much!!! My straight needles are moving from the bad to the box :-)))

Oh I also just used my new harmony wood 10 inch straight needles they are much easier to work with then they longer ones!!

LOL…they bug me too. So then does it matter how long the cord is for regular knitting?

Where are you looking for the larger circs? Some local yarn stores may not have them, but you can get them at Joanns, Michaels and so on.

How long the cord is depends on what you’re knitting, they should be a little shorter than the circumference of what you knit in the round, but it doesn’t matter for flat knitting, then they can be a lot shorter. I find 29-32" long to be the most versatile - you can knit small and large flat items on them, an adult sweater in the round easily, or use the magic or single loop technique to make hats or mitts with them.

You just don’t want them too short. I like to use 24 or 32 inch needles for straight, and they come in handy for in the round knitting, as well.

You can easily find larger sized circulars on line; I’m sure Knitpicks has them.

Many people have interchangeable sets so they have the option of changing tip and cord length to suit. The Knitpicks Options set is good and there are extra cords available to store projects on if you need to use the tip for something else. They are not unbreakable, though, but Knitpicks is good about replacing the cords. The set is reasonably priced and the cords are supple.

I love, love, love my Addi set, and have been a big fan of Addi needles forever. They are more expensive, but I’ve never had a cord come off or break.

On knitpicks website, they have needle size up to 10.5 but only on the 16" cord. They do offer 32, 40, etc, but the largest size needle on those cords are only #3. That is why I am confused.

These are the fixed circulars. The rest are found in the interchangeables. They don’t make a cord short enough to make a 16" and needles smaller than 3 make the join too tricky to do.

I’m surprised. I guess the interchangeables are so popular that they don’t offer others. This site has Addis in all sizes. I’m sure some places has other brands, but when it comes to needles, I hate fighting a stiff cord or a poor join.

Most interchangeables don’t offer a cable to create a 16" because of needle length. A few have shorter needles so they have that option now. I bought them as fixed circs from KP, but I rarely use them anymore. I prefer magic loop so I don’t have to change to another method when stitches are being decreased for things like hats and sleeves.

I also prefer longer cables for flat knitting and magic loop than Sue does. It does reqire a bit more moving of stitches, but less chance of the stitches falling off the ends at least for me.

Try They sell all sizes of circulars.

As mentioned earlier, the fixed circs from knitpicks don’t come in all sizes and lengths, however the interchangeables will fill in.

If circs are your needle of choice, I HIGHLY recommend getting an interchangeable set! I have the KP Options - nickel plated and am in love with them!

I know others have them also - if you do a search for Options, Interchangeables anything like that i know there are a number threads on them!