Circular too long?

I’m knitting a hat with #3 yarn and the pattern calls for US6 16’’ circular with a cast on of 72. I am struggling mightily to just knit the first row - the stitches just don’t fit around the 16’’ cord. I’ve started over too many times. I tried magic loop with no success (I’ve lost patience at this point). Am I doing something wrong? I’m using the tools recommended in the pattern and just can’t get it to work. Right now I’ve doubled the cast on stitches, am planning to knit without joining for 2 ‘rounds’ to avoid twisting the row, then join and knit 2 together that first joined round and continue with the pattern in the hopes that more yarn hanging off will help with the fit and slide across the cord. Pattern is called Peggy’s Sleeping Cap.

It’s not you. The first row after the cast on is often the most difficult. Knitting around then gets easier. You might try knitting the first few rows back and forth on 72sts (or even going up to 76 or 80sts) and then joining in the round.
The pattern is calling for an aran weight which is closer to a heavy worsted (#4) than a DK or light worsted (#3). That is making the stretch to fit around the 16" needle more difficult.

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Thank you Salmonmac. So it is a bit my fault for using #3 instead of #4 - I will say I chose a yarn from the list linked in the pattern. I’ll undo the 144st cast on and try 80 worked flat then join and see how that works for me. I was just thinking to double the yarn and work it that way (knit two stitches as one) but I’ll try 80 and back/forth knit a couple rows before joining. Again, thank you so much

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Do you have another set of US6 needles? You could use two circulars to knit in the round.


I don’t have another circular set of US6

I personally can not knit an adult hat with dk yarn on #6 needles and a cast on of 80. It will be too small. Mind if it is a cancer hat they do generally need to be smaller. Doubling the yarn will need a bigger needle.
I’m confused about what you plan to do.
The list of suitable yarns are just choices for patterns that call for that size of yarn (#3 or #4). Size of yarn is very important.

I got #4 yarn and was able to gently wrestle the first round after the cast on and the hat turned out nicely! I have to learn to use dpn’s because the decrease was an absolute struggle

Great news! Actually, decreasing for the top of a hat is a perfect place to learn to use dpns. You have the body of the hat to stabilize the needles so you just have to be a little careful at the joins between needles. Try a test hat, even a baby hat to see how it works.

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There is always knitting in the round with 2 circular needles technique instead of double points. Look it up on YouTube. Just use that technique in your crown decrease area.

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Another option is a longer circular, 32" min. I’d say, and then you can do magic loop or traveling loop. I use a longer circular and do all decreases on the needle I started with. I’m not saying don’t use dpn just offering an alternatives. I can’t use 16" circulars because I can’t manage the short tips without a lot of pain.

If you’re interested in the 2 circs method or either magic or traveling loop, there are lots of videos for them.

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