Circular to straight needles

I’ve become a lock down knitter and gradually become more adventurous! I feel I have gone a step too far with the latest challenge and have undone it to start again with some advice!

Knitting a dress for a little girl. You knit all in one up to the armpits.

It starts on circular needles. All good. Then the pattern says change to 4mm straight needles. This all goes well until coming to the end of the circular needle and then it’s just impossible to get the stitches off because it’s a circle! So there is no give. I don’t even know if that will make sense to anyone?!
Could the pattern mean 4mm circular needles - surely they wouldn’t make a mistake like that?
Any help would be gratefully received.
Debbie x

Just wondering if you are supposed to be just working a certain number of those stitches, say front or back, and perhaps you’ve got carried away and transfered all the stitches? I can’t imagine how a full circle could fit on a straight. Could you check the pattern?
Perhaps type out the row or bit of instruction where it says this (if I can’t help some one else will be able to im sure).

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Hi and welcome to the forum!
Can you tell us the name of your pattern?


It’s called a scalloped dress by Sublime in the magazine ‘love knitting for baby’ Christmas 2020 edition

Deb x

Hi!thought it would be easier to send a pic!

Thank you. X

I think it means 4mm circular needles, not straight.

It doesn’t specify straight or to start working back and forth rather than in the round and the earlier instruction says circular needles.
As you are only in row 6 and this project is worked in one piece in the round up to the armholes, I think it would be safe to say circular needles are needed.

At the beginning of the pattern it would usually say what materials and needles are needed. Does it list 4mm circular?

I hope you have some circulars in the right size and can easily transfer your fabric over.