Circular to straight knitting question

Hi all, so I’m trying to knit a hat… tried knitting in the round, can’t do it :hair: any-hoo, I read that you can convert circular patterns by adding an extra stitch on either end for joining… cool… i understand… now here’s my question… the original pattern says…

Round 1, 2, 4, 5, & 6: K2, P2, K4, P2
Round 3: K2, P2, C4B, P2

Now, I know that I have to K1 on either end of each “row” since I’m knitting straight… and the odd numbered rows are the RS so so far so good… the even numbered rows… do I still follow the instructions from left to right or do I have to reverse it since I have to turn my work at the end of each row??? Hope that makes sense…

Thanks one and all for your help… gonna make some crepes with poached pears and ice cream … need a break… then I’m gonna try and work this thing out… with your help of course!! :shrug:

Hey there! Your logic seems to make sense to me since the oppposite is true when converting a chart from straight to circular, although I have never converted circular to straight…so…my advice may be useless! :wink: However, I am said you gave up on circular. I just sat with my daughter last night (she’s 29) and helped her with her very first circular. I hate to see you give up on it. Can I help with that? It really makes things so much easier once you get the hang of it.:hug:

Thanks dizzyfingers for your answer… i find circular knitting too tight…does that make sense and since I don’t knit properly… I “throw” my yarn and take my finger off when I knit/purl a new stitch… can’t seem to unlearn this “technique”… got any tips

A lot of us throw our yarn and still knit in the round. You could watch a lot of videos on youtube for different methods of holding the yarn.

But for the even numbered rows, you’re basically doing ribbing, so on row 2, knit the sts that look like knits, purl the ones that look like purls and you’ll be fine.

Ahh suzeeq, that makes great sense… thanks very much… with the c4b… do I knit2, hold at back of work and then knit2? The pattern doesn’t specify define c4b… Thanks again…

Yes, when the cable term has a b in it, hold the sts on the cable needle to the back; when it has an f, you hold them to the front.