Circular to flat knitting

I am a beginner knitter, with 1 1/2 scarves under my belt. My next project I want to try a hat, but I am still too intimidated by the circular needles. Is there anyway that I can change a circular pattern to flat knitting?

I do believe that I already have an idea on how to sew the seams, as I have been crocheting for a few years now.



If it’s a simple st pattern, you can usually add 2 selvage sts…one on each edge (which’ll be used in the seaming). If you’re planning to do mattress, make sure the sel sts are done in a way so they’ll seam neatly. (Some do all garter sel, some prefer stockinette, etc.)

If working bottom up, you can finish off the last few sts and then leave a long enough tail to seam back down so you have just the one tail to weave.

ETA: here’s example of hat that can be worked as either.


Don’t be afraid of circs. Once you’ve tried them you may never knit with anything else. They’re as easy or easier to use than straight needles.

Seriously, dive right in and give it a try. You won’t be sorry.