Circular stockinette pattern flipping?


I’ve just recently started a circular knitting project, a bag for my knitting. So when I cast on, I’m automatically getting stockinette stitch, which I thought was weird. So I’m up to about 3 inches into the tube and suddenly my wrong side has changed directions!!

I’m not aware of doing anything differant with my knitting, just suddenly the wrong side is on the outside of my little bag to be. I can’t explain it, and would love some expert advice.

info= addi size 8, 10inch circular, worsted acrylic yarn. one piece worked from 3 sts.

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it has probably just pushed istelf through the middle of your needles, turning itself inside out. just push it back the right way round and carry on.

Alternatively if you put your knitting down at some point and then picked it up to start again, you may have accidently started going back in the other direction.

re:So when I cast on, I’m automatically getting stockinette stitch, which I thought was weird.

that because stocking knit stitch (or any knitting “stitch (pattern)” is named by OUTPUT, not by process!

stocking knit stitch =All knits on one side of work, all purls on the other side of the work.

if you knit flat (work a row, TURN, work a row, TURN,…)
you need to alternate work Knit than Purl rows to get all the knits on one side.

but if you work in the round, and work a needle, CRANK, work a needle, CRANK, (not really turning work but cranking it to the right!) you are just need to knit to get stocking knit,(since you never really TURN the work!

K1, P1 can be seed or 1 X 1 ribbing (depending on, the number of stitches (even or odd to start) and the method, flat or worked in the round!

but seed looks like seed no matter how its worked, and 1 X 1 ribbing looks like 1 x 1 ribbing!

the OUTPUT is the determining factor…

(you can, you know, make garter stitch (worked flat) by purling every row (not just by knitting every row!)–its the same garter stitch as knit every row… ONLY the knitter knows for sure how it was done!)

Sorry for a belated reply, I don’t have net access.

Holy cow, I’d never considered the fact that I don’t really turn my work when doing a circle! smacks forhead

Anyways, for the heck of it, I continued my project with my band of wrong side out. I had been debating on how to flatten the bottom, and when I finished it, it automatically folded at the band of wrong side. It made it’s own flat bottom and a bit wider than I had planned. Suprisingly useful.


I often say when you work in the round, you crank out the work…

you make a series (3, or 4 if on DPN’s!) of crank like turn…

vs Knitting flat–where you turn the work (for me, its always a right hand turn!)

I find that working in the round on 2 circs… “feels like” flat knitting, because you ‘turn the work’ instead of cranking the work!

When working with DPN’s–its easy to invert the work (turn it inside out.

“NORMALLY” (and what is normal when there are thousands of ways to knit?) the right (knit side) is out, and you knit at the front of the ‘tube’–

but if it gets turned inside out, you will work at the back of the tube!

but you still crank out the work–with out ever really turning it.