Circular Size

Hello everyone… I did a search and couldn’t find anyting… probably cause I’m not sure what to search for… but my pattern calls for a 16" circular needle… now is that 16" cable… or 16" from tip to tip?

Thanks bunches

It’s from tip to tip. If you go buy one, it’ll just say 16" on the package.

the package will tell you how long it is. i don’t think i have any sitting here with me to measure but you don’t have to worry unless you are making your own :wink: it will say how long it is.

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Yes…i must agree with u 2…correct information, i repeat…correct information…lol…sorry…i’m in a wacky mood so the spillage of wackiness hits the forum…hits the forum…be on the lookout for the wackiness…as the pool cover attests

okay just wondering… cause I’m gonna start my first circ project soon and it said 16" needles… but the chords in the kit arn’t marked… so I wasn’t sure how that actually worked.

Cooloio… time to go cast on then eh?

Okay… wait… Guess I’m confused here… just went… put the smallest cable I had on the two needle tips… and it measured 17" … and I couldn’t see that short of a cable doing much… I think the cable it self from lock tip to lock tip is 5 inches…

So now I’m confused… if when I put on the smallest calbe it’s still not 16" am I just lookign at this wrong

I forgot to mention… I’m working with the Denise Interchangable

Unless the pattern is a very tight fit on the needles, you can use the 17", no prob, I say give it a go.

Interchangeable needles don’t typically go down to as small lengths as you can buy needles individually, because the smaller the circular needle, the shorter the needle tips need to be. So the interchangeables just start making the tips at a size that’s convenient to use, and consequently don’t get too tiny with their tips or cables. Boye’s don’t even go down to 17"; I think they start around 20".

So Norman, what’s your first circ project going to be? :smiley:

It’s going to be a roll brim hat that kellyk gave me… something esay and siomple… then I want to do the pismo hat and a then a harry potter scarf… :slight_smile: I got a whole bunch of things planned out…


Thanks… I thought I was missing something there… :slight_smile: I Appreciate the help

I must agree with Amy’s advice…unless…
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You happen to be knitting this hat for a friend with the seriously tiny head syndrome…very tiny :roflhard: sorry…just flashed the tiny headed (bc it would have to be very tiny) person in my mind
:oops: ok, i’m sufficiently embarrassed for acting goofy :rollseyes: sorry
Okay, Dave, all kidding aside for real…I :heart: to make hats and when I found this website last year I was just :happydance: :smiley: too happy…u will find that it will help u lots once u get your 1st hat under your belt…lol, under your belt!! Or…it may just help u now! Give it a read. I’m about to print it again bc mine is worn out!

have a great weekend…that which is left!